Our Philosophy

Our philosophy focuses on providing the best customer experience to reach out to all henna lovers around the world. In Hennacom, we promise you an exclusive Henna experience with the most high-quality henna machine designed specially to meet your needs. And an App that will save you time when looking for a henna design that suits your taste.


Our Product

Mobile App

Henna lovers spend so much time looking for a henna design that suits their tastes and preferences. Our Mobile Application makes this process much easier through providing a collection of henna designs with different categories. We are also creating a community for henna lovers to gather, follow each other and have access to the well-known henna artists in their region to be able to see their work and exclusive designs.

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Why Us?

Environment Protection

Our product is designed to reduce waste of paper and plastic of traditional henna containers to substitute it with an attached henna cartridge.

Sustainable Agriculture

We aim at expanding the number of local henna plants, with the goal of enhancing environmental quality and the local natural resources.

To Save Time And Effort

Our product is programmed to be efficient by consuming less time than the traditional henna application with less human integration to ensure accuracy.

Local Community Development

Our vision involves integrating local community to provide a first- class henna that is extracted from henna plants gardened locally

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Our Team

Shamsa Al Wahaibi

Co Founder

Ahmed Al Harrasi

Financial Officer



Ruqyyah Al Saqri

Legal Consultant

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